About Us

Biobalance EOOD(SMLLC) was created and now managed by Dr. Nadejda Grigorova. The Company is developing many different activities in the area of alternative medicine and alternative healing methods.

Dr. Grigorova graduated in Chemistry from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". Then she worked as research associate in Bulgarian Academy of Science in Sofia, Bulgaria. During her work in the Bulgarian Academy of Science, Dr. Grigorova defended a disseratation in the area of phasic analysis of the metals. Dr. Nadejda Grigorova published more than 50 scientific publications and monography in researching carbides and carbonitrides in steel.

In 1995 Dr. Grigorova graduates London College of Classical Homeopathy. In the next year, with cooperation of Dr. Violeta Dzherekarova, the book Въведение в хомеопатичната материя медика is published. The book is republish again in 2011.



In 1997 Dr. Grigorova decides to continue her career in Republic of South Africa. She practices natural medicine and starts to run diagnostics of Chinese meridians using the Voll Method. During the next 10 years clinical practice in South Africa, Dr. Grigorova gathers priceless information and scientific materials about the effects of many different homeopathic medicines on different patogenic microorganisms: protozoans, bacteries, viruses etc.


In 2007 Dr. Nadejda Grigorova publishes the book "Electro-acupuncture according Dr. Voll and homeopathy". The book is published in the USA in 2012 and has serious success.

In 2008 Dr. Grigorova goes back to Bulgaria, graduates "J.Filaretova" College, which is part of Medical University in Sofia, with PhD in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and starts her own practice in alternative medicine in Sofia.

In present days she is managing Biobalance and the manufacturing processes of the testing machine VOLLTESTmod. IKG-02. Dr. Grigorova is organising educational courses in Voll Method.